Koster for A.G.

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11:04AM on November 02 2012

Attorney General Chris Koster’s courtroom experience makes him invaluable to Missourians and they should return him to office.

As Cass County prosecutor, Koster worked in courtrooms for 10 years. He tried and won murder convictions. The benefits to families of having a man with experience in the justice system leading an office that must at times serve a prosecutorial function is critical and beyond debate. Koster’s opponent, Ed Martin, has never tried a criminal case.

On the civil side of the job, Koster’s record includes filing a brief, along with attorneys general from about two dozen other states, regarding Obamacare. Out of all the states, Koster’s suit mirrored the eventual Supreme Court decision most closely. This speaks well of Koster and his staff’s ability to handle complex civil proceedings on the public’s behalf.

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