Law Enforcement



Attorney General Koster has used his ten years’ experience as a local prosecutor to ensure the toughest stance on prosecuting criminals in the State of Missouri.  The Attorney General has personally prosecuted criminal cases, including one that resulted in a first-degree murder conviction, with punishment of life in prison with no possibility of parole.

As Attorney General, Koster oversaw the state’s first execution in almost four years.  His office also obtained a guilty verdict and the death penalty for the 2005 ambush-murder of a Missouri State Highway Patrolman.  Currently, the office is prosecuting or assisting local prosecutors in more than fifty murder cases around the state.

Koster’s office also has successfully argued to keep in confinement dozens of individuals deemed to be sexually violent predators, keeping them off the streets before they can harm again.  He also created a unit to discover, investigate and build evidence against predators who use the Internet to harm children.

In 2010, Koster established the Attorney General’s Task Force on Domestic Violence.  The series of task force meetings led to the creation of a task force report and a series of recommendations for improving Missouri’s domestic violence laws.  The Missouri General Assembly unanimously passed legislation based on the recommendations, which for the first time in 30 years comprehensively updates the state’s laws regarding domestic violence and the protection of domestic violence victims.