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NRA Endorses Attorney General Chris Koster

October 01 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012
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Receives “A” Rating from Rifle Association

Jefferson, MO - The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund today endorsed Chris Koster in the race for Missouri Attorney General. Attorney General Chris Koster is the only Democratic statewide candidate in Missouri to receive an endorsement from the NRA.

“I am honored to receive the NRA’s endorsement,” General Koster said. “As Attorney General, my job is to protect and defend the rights of all Missourians — and this includes their right to bear arms."

General Koster has long supported gun rights for all Missourians. Dating back to his tenure as Cass County Prosecuting Attorney and through his time in the Missouri Senate, Koster has been a staunch supporter of the second amendment. He has continued his strong defense of gun rights as Attorney General.

"I am deeply grateful for this association's recognition," General Koster said, "and I will continue to aggressively defend Missourians' second amendment rights."


Sign Chris's Birthday Card

August 31 2012

Today is my son Chris's birthday — and I want to surprise him with a birthday card signed from all of us!

While my son spends his days going after Missouri's top criminals and fighting for our state's safety, he always finds time for his family.

One of my granddaughter Claire's favorite memories is practicing Chris’s oath with him before he was inaugurated — and her brother Will loved getting a tour of the Capitol with his fifth grade class.

48 years ago, Chris's arrival into this world made me a mom, one of the best jobs I've ever had. Your support of my son has given him the best job he's ever had.

I hope you’ll join the Koster family in wishing Chris a happy birthday today.


Pat Koster Thompson

Attorney General Chris Koster Accepts Missouri Bar Association Debate Invitation

August 15 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012
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Jefferson City, MO – Attorney General Chris Koster has accepted an invitation from the Missouri Bar Association for a debate with opponents Ed Martin and David Browning on Wednesday, October 17th.

"Attorney General Chris Koster's career has been dedicated to serving the state of Missouri, first as Prosecuting Attorney for Cass County, and more recently as the State's Attorney General," said Rachel Levine, Campaign Manager of the Koster campaign. "In this debate, Missourians will have the opportunity to see the stark differences between General Koster's experience as a prosecutor and the political endeavors of his opponents. We look forward to working with the Missouri Bar to structure a debate that all of the candidates can agree upon."


Attorney General Chris Koster Thanks Supporters For Democratic Nomination

August 07 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
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General Koster pledges to continue fight to protect Missourians

Springfield, MO – Attorney General Chris Koster thanked supporters for the Democratic nomination this evening at a primary event celebration at the University Plaza Hotel in Springfield.

“I am honored to have served as your Attorney General for the past four years, and am deeply humbled to receive your nomination for a second term,” said General Koster. “I will continue to defend the legal rights of hardworking Missourians, and stand up against crime and fraud throughout our state.”

General Koster is the first Attorney General in the nation to indict a corporation involved in the mortgage scam to undermine homeowners. He has demonstrated his commitment to Missourians by recovering over $199 million in stolen Medicaid funds, including a record $81.6 million during his first year in office.

As Attorney General, Chris Koster oversaw the states’ first execution in almost four years, and his office is currently prosecuting over 60 murder cases around the state. Koster also helped pass the first domestic violence law updates in thirty years through the creation of the Attorney General’s Task Force on Domestic Violence.

“I am deeply committed to my role as our state’s top prosecutor, and am dedicated to putting law enforcement above party politics,” said General Koster. “I have spent my career prosecuting our state’s worst criminals, scam artists and fraudulent businesses, and look forward to standing up on behalf of the people of Missouri in a second term.”


Koster Has Another Strong Fundraising Quarter

July 16 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012
CONTACT: Rachel Levine
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Jefferson City, MO – Attorney General Chris Koster finishes the second quarter with another strong fundraising effort, with $555,420.00 in cash contributions for the past three months, and bringing the campaign’s total cash on hand to $2,359,800.30.

“Missourians recognize that the job of Chief Legal Officer should be filled by someone with a lifetime of law enforcement experience,” said Rachel Levine, Campaign Manager. “Chris Koster has raised the bar for what the law can do to protect people, and Missourians have responded enthusiastically.”


Annie Malone May Day Parade

May 21 2012

The Missourians for Koster team was out in force on Sunday for the annual Annie Malone May Day Parade.  Our team of a dozen enthusiastic volunteers toughed out the hot weather to distribute campaign literature and walk in the parade with Chris.

Our youngest volunteer was very
excited to walk in the parade!

Chris walked, and occasionally ran, the parade route shaking hands and talking with supporters.  He received a warm reception, and people were excited to see him at the event.

The parade traveled 13-blocks down Market Street and attracted thousands of onlookers.  This year, the parade celebrated 124 years of service that the Annie Malone Children and Family Service Center has provided to the community.

Koster Files With $2 Million On Hand

April 11 2012

Raised $890,528 since January

Jefferson, MO ­– With seven months to go until the general election, the campaign of Attorney General Chris Koster has $2 million cash on hand. The campaign raised $890,528 in the past quarter alone, exceeding expectations as momentum continues to grow statewide.

Over the past four years, the Attorney General has focused on prosecuting the worst offenders and defending hard working Missourians—and citizens have shown an overwhelming desire to see him serve again.

The Koster campaign’s strong fundraising numbers reflect the deep support Missourians are showing for their Attorney General.

“We are heartened by such a strong and generous showing this quarter,” said Rachel Levine, campaign manager. “The people of Missouri want an Attorney General who is a prosecutor, not a politician and that is why they are enthusiastically throwing their support behind Chris Koster.”


A Tax Whose Time Has Come

April 04 2012

Like you, I am against raising taxes in Missouri, particularly in a weak economy. But there is one exception whose time has come – Missouri's cigarette tax. The Missouri General Assembly should give Missourians a chance to vote on a moderate cigarette tax increase.

The current situation is well-known. Missouri has the lowest cigarette tax among the 50 states, at 17 cents per pack – a rate established almost twenty years ago. The highest cigarette tax state, New York, places a levy of $4.35 on each pack. The 25th highest cigarette tax state, Iowa, places a tax of $1.36 on each pack. Even tobacco-producing states like South Carolina and Kentucky have higher cigarette taxes than Missouri.

Public policy favors a cigarette tax that places Missouri somewhere in the middle, at around 90 cents per pack. This change would create approximately $400 million annually in new revenue.

The current budget and health problems facing our state are equally well-known. Missouri spends more money under Medicaid to provide health care for smoking-related illnesses than we collect from the entire cigarette tax. In 2004, the Centers for Disease Control estimated that tobacco-related illnesses cost our state's Medicaid program $532 million, and these costs have only skyrocketed with inflation. Yet, Missouri collected just $90 million last year in cigarette taxes.

Viewed through this lens, the General Assembly is subsidizing sick smokers more than $400 million annually. Under current tax law, Missouri has become an enterprise zone for cigarettes. I'm a strong supporter of enterprise zones, but not for cigarettes.

To our legislative leaders, I would say this: The cigarette tax is going to increase. Missouri will not remain in 50th place for very much longer.

I propose raising the cigarette tax by 73 cents per pack, placing Missouri 33rd out of 50 states. The $400 million in new revenue should be directed to building Missouri's educational infrastructure, with particular emphasis on higher education, and addressing our state's health care needs. Such a proposal should be placed before the people next November, so that Missourians themselves may decide.

This plan addresses two important goals:

First, the proposal addresses a serious public health issue. Missouri has the 2nd highest smoking rate per capita in the country. Many people addicted to smoking begin in their teenage years. Alarmingly, almost 19% of Missouri high school students smoke cigarettes. Using increased revenue to treat smoking-related illnesses and to promote cessation programs not only prevents premature deaths in our state, but makes compelling economic sense.

Second, it addresses the devastating funding cuts visited on Missouri's colleges and universities over the last 10 years. Adjusted for inflation, Missouri's higher education system has been cut by 34% since 2001.

Fifteen years ago, the Missouri Attorney General's Office settled its landmark case against Big Tobacco. That settlement marked the turning point in public sentiment regarding smoking-related risks, and it has brought over a billion dollars into Missouri's General Revenue fund over the last decade. Nonetheless, because Missouri's cigarette tax is the lowest in the nation, our state's smoking-related health challenges remain among the country's highest.

The General Assembly should take action before the people are forced to act on their own behalf through the initiative process. Our state should utilize this money in a way that improves public health, promotes education, and provides real economic benefit for our citizens. To miss this opportunity is to fail in our responsibility as elected leaders of Missouri.

Chris Koster is Missouri's Attorney General

Koster Welcomes Martin to AG Race

January 26 2012


St. Louis, MO - The following is a statement from Attorney General Chris Koster on Ed Martin's entrance into the Attorney General's race.

"I welcome Ed Martin to the race and look forward to a public discussion about the direction of our state. In 2008, Missourians embraced our campaign because they understood the importance of having an Attorney General who was a prosecutor, one who has personally stood in the courtroom and convicted many of Missouri's most notorious criminals.  In 2012, I'm confident they will do so again."



Attorney General Koster offers tips for safe online holiday shopping

December 13 2011

Jefferson City, Mo. – Attorney General Chris Koster said today that as more and more people are turning to the Internet to do their holiday shopping in addition to malls and local retail outlets, his office has compiled suggestions to help make sure you don’t become a victim of computer fraud or identity theft.
“Many consumers are logging on to their computers to take advantage of the multitude of products and services that are marketed and sold online,” Koster said.  “Our office has put together some suggestions to help ensure your shopping transactions are safe and that you don’t become a victim of fraud or identity theft.”

  • Update your computer’s anti-virus software - One of the threats in online shopping is acquiring virus and malware from unscrupulous websites.  Make sure your computer's anti-virus software is updated to ensure that it screens all modern viruses that may be obtained from some websites.
  • Use websites with URLs starting with “https://” - This indicates the website has a secured connection, which is critical when you are entering credit card and other personal information.
  • Use a secured online payment system - Paypal is an example of a secured online payment system that can ensure safety in doing transactions on the web.  Using a secured payment system, you will no longer have to worry about credit card security and other hidden charges that can be incurred through scams.
  • Use highly secured passwords - Some people may try to gain access to your online accounts based on the information you give.  Some people use birthdays or other information as passwords for easy recall.  Make sure you use highly secured passwords (a combination of letters, numbers, and characters is best) in your accounts to prevent hacking.
  • Keep copies of receipts, confirmation numbers, and delivery status - This information is vital in keeping track of your transactions.  Make sure that you have proof of all your purchases.


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