"There is a better contest than the battle between
Democrats and Republicans. It is the contest between those who reach for progress and those who resist progress. The contest between those who roll up their sleeves and those who sit on their hands. Now that is a better fight."

Chris Koster,
Opening of Cass County Justice Center,
August 16, 2003

Chris Koster is one of the most influential leaders in Kansas City under the age of forty years old.
Ingram's Magazine
"40 under 40 Issue" March 2002

Koster is voted by his peers as one of the best attorneys in Kansas City
Kansas City
Business Journal,
"Best of the Bar Issue",
November 2003

Koster's decision will save Missouri taxpayers hundreds of thousands - potentially millions - of dollars.
Conviction of John E. Robinson, KCTV-5, October 2003

Prosecutors Office Receives Perfect Score for Child Support

For the second year in a row, the Missouri Family
Support division has given the Cass County Prosecuting Attorney's Office a 100 percent compliance rating for its annual audit of the prosecutor's child support enforcement duties.

Cass County Democrat, February 2004.


Prosecutor Chris Koster Announces Bid for Missouri State Senate
Emphasizes School Funding, Highway Construction, and Law Enforcement

(Cass County, MO) Cass County Prosecuting Attorney Chris Koster formally kicked off his bid for the Missouri State Senate on Saturday, February 28th in three separate speeches across Missouri's 31st senate district.

"This election is the beginning of a new era for this Senate
district," Koster told a large group of Republican supporters. "For the first time in 25 years, we will choose a new voice to represent us in Jefferson City."

Koster Keynote Address
Opening of Cass County Justice Center (8/16/03)

Koster on public education:   "The first, second and third priority of the state legislature must be public school funding.  Proper funding for our state's public schools needs to be accomplished fairly, equitably and - most of all - quickly.  Step one is to restore the withholding," Koster said.

Koster on the Missouri Department of Transportation:  "Missouri's highways are an absolute, unqualified embarrassment.  I have 225,000 miles on my car, so I've had a chance to experience this first hand.  The poor condition of our roads has become a disincentive for Missouri business.  More importantly, it has become a public safety issue.  An aggressive plan to fix our highways must be reached, and it is critical that additional road dollars be brought home to our region of the state."

Koster on Law Enforcement:  "Jefferson City makes too many bad decisions when it comes to criminal justice.  To this day, our state government cannot tell the truth when it comes to the length of prison sentences that criminals serve.  Truth in sentencing must be passed in our state.  Judges shouldn't tell people that a criminal is going to spend 15 years in prison when they really mean he is going to spend 15 months in prison.  After 10 years in law enforcement, I am continually disappointed by the Department of Correction’s inability to tell the truth. "


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