"There is a better contest than the battle between
Democrats and Republicans. It is the contest between those who reach for progress and those who resist progress. The contest between those who roll up their sleeves and those who sit on their hands. Now that is a better fight."

Chris Koster,
Opening of Cass County Justice Center,
August 16, 2003

Chris Koster is one of the most influential leaders in Kansas City under the age of forty years old.
Ingram's Magazine
"40 under 40 Issue"
March 2002

Koster is voted by his peers as one of the best attorneys in Kansas City
Kansas City
Business Journal,
"Best of the Bar Issue",
November 2003

"Koster's decision will save Missouri taxpayers hundreds of thousands - potentially millions - of dollars."
Conviction of John E. Robinson, KCTV-5, October 2003

Prosecutors Office Receives Perfect Score for Child Support

For the second year in a row, the Missouri Family
Support division has given the Cass County Prosecuting Attorney's Office a 100 percent compliance rating for its annual audit of the prosecutor's child support enforcement duties.

Cass County Democrat, February 2004.

















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