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October 23, 2008

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Ad Focuses on Koster’s Law Enforcement Credentials and Opponent’s Troubling Record on Crime

Jefferson City, MO – Chris Koster’s campaign for Attorney General today announced the release of its third television ad of the general election campaign. The thirty-second ad, “Crime,” began airing today and continues a statewide television campaign that will continue through Election Day.

The ad contrasts the records of the two candidates for Attorney General on the issue of crime. As a prosecutor, Koster spent a decade putting criminals behind bars and fighting tirelessly for working families. On the other hand, Jefferson City politician Michael Gibbons has developed a troubling record of using his political influence to keep criminals – even a brutal murderer – out of prison.

The ad appeals to the strong desire of Missouri voters that their Attorney General not be a typical politician, but rather a prosecutor with the toughness and law enforcement experience required to be the state’s next top law enforcement officer.

Koster is the one candidate for Attorney General with any prosecutorial experience. As Cass County Prosecuting Attorney, Koster amassed approximately 20 homicide convictions, two Supreme Court victories and thousands of felony convictions. Koster has been endorsed by the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police and county prosecutors from across the state.

You can watch “Crime” HERE.

SCRIPT – “Crime.”

VO: As a ten-year prosecutor, Chris Koster put away the bad guys.

Crooked stockbrokers, sexual predators, and Missouri’s worst serial killer.

As a lifetime politician, Mike Gibbons voted to let over 1,400 criminals out of jail, supported release for the killer of a young girl, and has never prosecuted a single case in court.

So who do you want as Attorney General?

A prosecutor who puts criminals away, or a politician who lets them out?

Koster. All prosecutor. No politics.