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Issues Important to Chris and the State of Missouri



The Attorney Generalís office serves as the top consumer protection agency in the state of Missouri. From our children to our seniors, Missourians across the board need a strong advocate who will stand up for them when they have been wronged.

In the Missouri Senate, Chris fought to return millions of dollars to the stateís Medicaid fund and reinstate healthcare for thousands of Missourians by sponsoring a bill to crack down on Medicaid provider fraud. As Cass County Prosecuting Attorney, Chris led investigations into white collar criminals who preyed on seniors through fraudulent investment schemes.

As Attorney General, Chris will fight predatory lenders who take advantage of college students, seniors and the poor. He will prosecute internet criminals, including sexual predators who use the internet to solicit minors and scam artists who trick vulnerable citizens into handing over their identities. In an age when crimes increasingly occur in cyberspace, Missourians need an Attorney General who understands the unique threats that technological advances have posed.





As Cass County Prosecuting Attorney, Chris was recognized for being one of the toughest prosecutors of prevailing wage violations in the state of Missouri.
In the Missouri Senate, Chris has fought right-wing attempts to outlaw collective bargaining and make Missouri a right-to-work state. He has also sponsored legislation that would crack down on employers who hire illegal immigrants for cheap labor.

His support for organized labor throughout his career has earned him the endorsements of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the Missouri State Council of Firefighters, the Greater Kansas City AFL-CIO, the Carpenters District Council of Kansas City & Vicinity, the Greater Kansas City Building & Construction Trades, and Amalgamated Transportation Union Local #1287.

As Attorney General, Chris will be a strong voice for Missouriís working families and will crack down on employers who violate workersí rights.





Missouri is a state of great natural beauty. Its many state parks, forests, and lakes are enjoyed by Missouri families, hunters, and fishers.

However, Missouriís environment is under attack by some corporations and individuals who continue to put profit and self-interest above our stateís clean air and water.

In the Missouri Senate, Koster fought for unprecedented protections for Missouriís waterways and state parks. He also successfully passed landmark legislation causing Missouriís largest utilities to utilize clean, renewable fuels in the production of our stateís electricity.

As Attorney General, Chris will aggressively enforce Missouriís environmental laws, using the power of the office to crack down on polluters and preserve our natural resources for generations to come.





During his 10 years as the elected prosecutor from Cass County, Chris worked closely with local law enforcement, walking crime scenes, overseeing forensic investigations, interrogating witnesses, and making closing arguments from rural courtrooms all the way up to Missouriís Supreme Court.

As Attorney General, Chris will ensure that Missouriís law enforcement community has all the tools it needs to keep our state safe. Whether in the war against the spread of methamphetamines or in the effort to crack down on crime in our cities, Chris will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Missouriís law enforcement officers in protecting Missouri citizens.