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October 10, 2008

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Democratic Candidate for Attorney General up on Television Around the State Tomorrow

Jefferson City, MO – Chris Koster’s campaign for Attorney General today announced the release of its first television ad of the general election campaign. The thirty second ad, “Fighting for Everyone,” will begin airing Saturday, October 11th, in Kansas City and St. Louis, and is the beginning of a statewide television campaign that will continue through Election Day.

The ad highlights how Chris Koster is the one candidate for Attorney General with the law enforcement experience required to be the state’s top law enforcement officer. In his decade as Cass County Prosecuting Attorney, Koster amassed approximately 20 homicide convictions, two Supreme Court victories and thousands of felony convictions.

The ad also appeals to the strong desire of Missouri voters that their Attorney General be a prosecutor with a record of standing up to major corporations and powerful interests on behalf of working families, rather than a Jefferson City politician with a record of standing up for those very interests at the expense of hard-working Missourians.

Chris Koster is the only candidate for Attorney General with any prosecutorial experience whatsoever. He has promised to make the prosecution of Medicaid fraud and other critical consumer protections one of the centerpieces of his administration.

You can watch “Fighting for Everyone” HERE.

SCRIPT – “Fighting for Everyone.”

KOSTER: You notice it each time you enter the courtroom as a prosecutor.

That one person isn’t there – the victim.

Every day I was fighting for justice as Prosecuting Attorney, I was fighting for them.

As Attorney General, I’ll be fighting for everyone.

Every victim of corporate greed, everyone who’s been preyed on, ripped off, or taken advantage of.

No one’s too big to be beyond the law’s reach, and no one’s too small to be beyond the law’s help.

I’m Chris Koster and I’m running for Attorney General of the state of Missouri.